Q:   How much does shipping cost?
A:   FREE DELIVERY when you purchase more than one product! For a limited time when you order multiple items we will deliver them directly to your door at no additional cost. Leave the fuel in your car's tank and take advantage of this savings while it lasts!

Q:  What are the options for payment?
A:   We accept payment via major credit cards, PayPal and by bank transfer. More info.

Q:   What security can Holl offer me for the protection of my credit card data?
A:   TOTAL protection. Credit card payments at Holl are processed in absolute security and protection. The system utilizes secure SSL technology and is certified by VeriSign, world leader in online transaction security. 

Q:   May I returned my purchase if I am not satisfied?
A:   Certainly. We want only satisfied clients and guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of our materials and with our workmanship. Should you choose to return a product, it simply must not have been worn, washed or damaged in any way. Return shipping and handling costs will be deducted from the refund amount.   (Personalized products: The only situation in which we are NOT able to offer a cash refund is for a shirt embroidered with a custom monogram. In this case we are always ready to make any necessary change or adjustment to correct an error and to satisfy you completely.)

Q:   What protection exists for the privacy of my information?
A:   Holl will never furnish your personal information to anyone other than the financial institutions processing the transaction. Italy's strict privacy law 196 of 2003 protects all personal data that we receive from clients. At any time you can request a reading of your personal information in our possession, update it or have it deleted. (In purchasing from Holl you authorize us to handle your data in accordance with Italy's privacy law.)

Q:   To what countries does Holl ship?
A:    We currently serve clients throughout the world.
Note: Due to international import restrictions, our genuine PYTHON and CROCODILE hide accessories can be shipped only within the European Union.

Q:   How many days will I wait to receive my purchase?
A:   It depends on the product ordered. As few as 5 business days for a Holl Express shirt. Consult our Delivery Details page for more exact information.

Q:   What is the price in Dollars or YEN?
A:  International currency exchange rates vary frequently but you may use the currency converter to calculate prices in other currencies.

Q:   Is it possible to purchase models or fabrics different from those present on the Holl web site?
A:   At the moment, No. We currently offer more than 150 different fine fabrics for our shirts and a range of collar, cuff, pocket and monogram options.
Q:   Does Holl use a reliable courier for shipping?
A:   For shipping we have chosen a very reliable courier, GLS.
All purchases travel at our risk, not our clients'. We have never lost a shipment.

Q:   Will I be asked to pay anything other than the amount I see at the moment that I authorize the transaction at the Holl site?
A:    For products delivered within the European Union, no.
In some countries outside of the EU the local government may require that the recipient pay an import duty in accordance with the laws of the country where the product is delivered. In countries where this is the case, it will be the courier moving the package through your local customs service, not Holl, who will be responsible for collecting fees on behalf of your government.

Q:   At what point is my order officially considered to have been placed?
A:   When you receive our email confirmation of the order.

Q:   May I receive an invoice for my order?
A:   Yes, but only if you indicate on the order form your VAT number.