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Cintura in vacchetta al naturale di taglio unico senza cucitura

Natural Leather Colors

Belt Materials
Holl® men's natural leather belts are made in several different colours, each in the finest quality leather available and carefully chosen and inspected by our master craftsmen. Our natural leather hides are selected one-by-one and tanned exclusively with natural agents, unlike cheaper leathers imported from east Asia. Our belts are never stamped or embossed with fake textures, another sign of inferior mass-produced products.

Our natural leather belt's core, known as the "anima" (soul) in Italian, is the interior element between the two leather facings which allows high quality belts to retain their form. All Holl® belts get a core of real leather and never of cardboard or synthetic materials as used for inferior products. Belt stitching is of an extra heavy grade thread similar to that used to produce very durable leather goods such as boots and saddles.

All of our belt buckles are cast locally in Italy as a single piece of solid brass — never soldered assemblies and never of zinc — and have a beautiful brushed nickel finish.

Belt Construction
Belt sections are carefully matched and trimmed, the belt buckle is fitted by hand and the leather buckle clasp is always double-stitched by hand for maximum durability. After passing our rigorous five-step quality inspection process, the Holl® mark of authenticity and Made in Italy are added to the inside of the finished belt. This artisan belt construction is why Holl® belts exceed the quality of mass-produced designer and fashion belts typically found in even very exclusive retail boutiques. We find that there is simply no substitute for the craftsmanship and rigorous attention to detail of a belt made by hand.

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0.39 cm
Buckle Dimensions
5.5 x 5.5 cm
Buckle Material
Old Silver