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Holl Artisan Craftsmanship

Holl products are hand made in Italy by artisan craftsmen with decades of experience applying time honored tailoring techniques and meticulous quality control. It is this proven tradition which enables us to offer products widely recognized for their exceptionally high quality, comfort and durability.

Custom Tailoring
With the creation of our online custom Shirt Shop Holl's renowned artisan shirt cutters and tailors are at your service to custom cut and hand sew exactly the shirt you have always wanted to wear. You'll choose and specify the exact fabric, the model and shape of the collar, the type of cuffs, a pocket and your embroidered monogram. If you wish, we'll even hand match a replacement collar and cuffs, cut from the same place in the fabric to ensure an exact match. Then we'll make a shirt specifically for you.  More about designing your own custom Holl shirt.

Construction Details
The artisan construction process of a Holl shirt involves numerous phases.
Throughout the process, the shirt is sewn using 7-8 stitches per centimeter (17-20 stitches per inch) always using fine yarns. Collars and cuffs are produced entirely by hand with the sleeves attached in the English manner.

The exceptionally high quality fabrics used to make Holl shirts are all of pure double-twisted100% Egyptian cotton, linen, or cotton and linen. Double-twisting is a technique in which the cotton threads are twisted among themselves two by two; this creates a fine fabric that is soft, brilliant and durable.   More about the Holl Fabric Collection

Shirt buttons are exclusively 4 mm thick (0.16 in.) mother of pearl, attached with a cross stitch.